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David Sculpture Candle

David Sculpture Candle

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Michelangelo’s David has become one of the most recognized works of Renaissance sculpture; a symbol of strength and youthful beauty.

This Candle is a great addition to your home decoration, a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, House Warming, Baby Shower, Best Friend, Girl Friend, Wedding, Christmas, and also an adorable self gift.

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Hand made candle with all natural premium-quality Soy wax. This blend gives excellent robustness, scent throw, and lasts longer than pure soy wax. It is also a great eco-friendly alternative to Paraffin wax.

Height: 5.50 inches (14cm)
Width: 3.50 inches (9cm)
Weight: 433g (15.27oz)

Paraben & Phthalate Free


-For the best quality burn time, light candles for no more than 3-4 hour intervals.
-Ensure you trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each burn.
-Remove packaging and label before lighting, and put the candle on a heat proof surface.
-Synthetic hardeners are not used for making these candles, so please store the candle out of direct sun.
-Please always burn candles responsibly. Keep candles in sight, away from children, pets, and other objects.

Please note:

-Products are mostly for home decor purpose, and synthetic fragrance boosters are not used, so the scent may not be as strong as container candles.

-Color may slightly vary depending on your choice of fragrance oil/essential oil.

-For irregular shaped candles, we cannot guarantee that each one will be fully burned.

-All items are delicately made by hand, please understand that there may be imperfection and slight variation in the appearance by nature.

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