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Allure CA

Limited Edition I Luxury Bag Candle "Lv"

Limited Edition I Luxury Bag Candle "Lv"

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All our candles are proudly handcrafted in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Experience the epitome of luxury with our Enchanted Elegance Soy Wax Bag Candle. Meticulously crafted and designed to resemble a high-end handbag, this exquisite candle adds a touch of glamour to any space. Made from premium soy wax and infused with captivating fragrances, it creates an enchanting ambiance that lingers in the air. With a long burn time and impeccable attention to detail, this hand-poured masterpiece is a perfect gift for those who appreciate elegance. Elevate your space with the allure of our Soy Wax Luxury Bag Candle.

Exquisitely handcrafted by Allure Ca using a natural soy wax blend.

Candle dimensions: 15 L x 9 H x 5 D (cm)

Candle weight: Approx. 1 kg

We use only all-natural soy wax, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn, along with 100% cotton wicks for a safe and consistent flame.

Our commitment to sustainability means that we use wax from renewable sources, contributing to a greener planet.

Rest assured that our candles are free from phthalates and paraffin, providing you with a pure and luxurious fragrance experience.

Follow us on Instagram for more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our enchanting creations: @_allure_ca.

Visit our website,, to explore our full range of luxury products and indulge in the allure of our handcrafted candles.

For wholesale inquiries and opportunities, please contact us directly. We look forward to partnering with you to bring the magic of our candles to even more customers.

Candle Warning:

Please follow these important safety guidelines when using our Soy Wax Candles:

1. Always trim the wick to ¼ inch before lighting the candle and keep it centered and upright.

2. Place the candle on a heat-resistant surface and away from flammable materials, drafts, and pets.

3. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Extinguish it completely before leaving the room or going to sleep.

4. Keep the candle away from children and pets.

5. Allow the candle to cool before handling or moving it.

6. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

7. Ensure that the candle is fully extinguished and the wick is no longer glowing before discarding any residue.

By purchasing our Soy Wax Candles, you agree to use it responsibly and adhere to these safety guidelines. Enjoy the enchantment and beauty of our candle while keeping your surroundings safe.

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